As a Dungeon Master running a campaign, you may come across a player that wants to use a Magic The Gathering Life Counter die in place of a d20.

If your wanting my personal opinion, which I assume you do, I would not allow my players to use the Life Counter as a substitute for the d20. Allow me to explain my grievances.

First, let’s go over the fact that they are both technically twenty-sided die. In theory, they should work the same, right? Wrong! Although the geometry is the same, their purposes and design are miles apart. The Life Counter die was made so that someone playing Magic the Gathering could easily keep track of their life total. Thus, the Life Counter die is designed to count down from twenty to one in an ordered fashion from side to side. This could create consistency when rolling the Life Counter. Consistency is fine and dandy, but the whole point of the d20 system is to have a spark of chaos.

Therefore, using a regular d20 is perfect for Dungeons and Dragons. The numbers upon the die are not in a successive order. They are randomized and this allows for a more spontaneous roll. Your outcomes are less likely to be as predictable, and overall more fun.

But Can You Use the Life Counter In Your Game?

Absolutely! That is, if your Dungeon Master is cool with it. Remember that when I write about this stuff that all games and campaigns are different from one another. Some will be strict and unwavering to the core rules. Others will be more relaxed and nonchalant, with house rules and special exceptions. If you want to use the MTG Life Counter die as a d20 in your game and your Dungeon Master is fine with that, then by all means roll to your hearts content.

…. Just don’t come to my game with anything less than an actual d20. Or prepare to have all of your rolls done for you….Muahahahahahaaaaaa! *clears throat*

Anyway, thank you for reading. Sorry this one was so short but there wasn’t much more I could think to add. Do you guys feel the same way? Do you feel the same way? Leave a comment below and enlighten us all with your opinions! We love to hear from you. Also please subscribe to our email letter for updates and more!

Author: Ven’Orik (Zach)

I’m just a regular nerd with a passion for storytelling and fantasy. Growing up I read books by Tolkein and C.S. Lewis, and this solidified my love for the genre. I first started playing D&D when I was 13 and have been pursuing it since. I’m just here to share my knowledge and hopefully learn a thing or two from all of you as well!