Here is what you need to do after your sessions to run a successful D&D campaign!

What we’ll cover:

  • Review Your Notes
  • Plan Events for the Next Session
  • Fraternize with Your Payers


Review Your Notes

After you’ve completed your current session, you’ll need to go over the notes you have taken. It’s important that you get a full grasp as to what has occurred during that session so you can plan accordingly. Be sure that you are clear and concise with your notes as to avoid confusion in later sessions. This will help you to remember what encounters the players had, and what NPCs they interacted with. It will also help you know where your players currently stand within the campaign.


Plan for the Next Session

After reviewing your notes, it’s time to make plans for the next session. Remember to be consistent with your planning. Pick up where your characters left off in the story. Depending on how your last session went, make tweaks and alterations to the next encounter they have. Players tend to stay interested in a game when it is less predictable. Throw in new NPCs to give flavor and an element of surprise. Create a plot twist to the next stage of the adventure, forcing the players to think creatively and critically instead of just blindly rushing in. Proper planning will keep your players on their toes, and make the game more interesting.


Fraternize with Your Players

It’s vital that you maintain constant contact with your players. Chat them up regularly, invite them out to dinner or a bar to hang out and visit. Your conversation doesn’t have to be limited to your campaign, or even Dungeons and Dragons. You can talk about whatever you want, just be sure to uphold your relationship with your players. Make them feel like they are wanted, like they are your friend. Who knows? Perhaps you and your players will become good friends; this is ideal.

Author: Ven’Orik (Zach)

I’m just a regular nerd with a passion for storytelling and fantasy. Growing up I read books by Tolkein and C.S. Lewis, and this solidified my love for the genre. I first started playing D&D when I was 13 and have been pursuing it since. I’m just here to share my knowledge and hopefully learn a thing or two from all of you as well!